Can Memes go too Far?

I think that memes, in general, are meant to be light-hearted and funny for most people.  If we’re stressed out, we see a meme and share it on our social media for a good laugh, or send a meme about our job to a coworker because its relatable and funny.  For instance, I use to work in a dentist office and after a particularly rough day, I sent my coworkers a meme that said, “dealing with some people is like trying to nail Jello to the wall……” (see below).  Obviously, my intentions weren’t malicious, I was trying to make light of the day we had while sharing a meme that had popped up and I could completely relate to.

jello to the wall meme

As I was trying to think of a topic for this modules’ blog post, I really wondered if memes had been used in a way of bullying, I figured that it had happened, but I hadn’t ever heard of it.  I came across an article called “Memes: Innocent fun or Internet Bullying?” by Rachel Lynn Aldrich.  This article is a couple of years old, but I still think it sends a good message.  Aldrich starts off the article talking about how a photo of an innocent 2-year-old girl with a genetic disorder is made into a meme.  Aldrich states “Unfortunately, such stories are not uncommon. The digital age makes it all too easy for family photos, school pictures, and private images to be ripped out of context, cruelly captioned by strangers, and circulated on the internet with no way for the original subject to stop it.”  This really made me step back and think.  How sad is it that memes can be so much fun and also can really hurt people at the same time?  It makes me sad that people can find any photo on the internet and use it to create a meme and not care about who is the one being made fun of.

I’m sure that the majority of people use memes in a positive way, but I just thought I’d shine a light on the side that we don’t normally see.  I know that after reading this article, I will definitely consider the source of the memes when I use them now.  I’ll end with an adorable meme.  🙂

laser pointer meme




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